Club Officials

Patron Lord Lambton
President T.W. Winship
Life Members
R. Willis
W. Oxenham
J. T. Hope
C Smith
HJ Carr
JG Glendinning
Trustees C. Smith
J.T. Hope
J.G. Glendinning
I. Linsley
D. Lewins
Chairman J.G. Glendinning
Vice Chairman I. Linsley
General Secretary I Miller T: 07985 671720
Asst. General Secretary R Hindson
Treasurer D Coulson

Management Commitee

President Chairman Vice Chairman General Secretary Asst. Gen. Secretary Teasurer Asst. Teasurer + 4 Trustees Trustees Cricket Section Rep. Football Section Rep. Lawn Tennis Section Rep.

Cricket Secretary & Treasurer

Ian Linsley 55 Castlefields, Burnmoor T. 385 4529 [H] 07808 142072 [M] E:

Cricket Chairman

J.T. Hope 1 Byland Close, Houghton-le-Spring, T. 0191 5844047

Cricket Fixture Secretary

J Holding T: 07796 000299


1st XI Captain A.J. Linsley Vice Captain P Craig
2nd XI Captain G. Lancaster Vice Captain H Munton
3rd XI Captain J. Holding Vice Captsin J Blackburn
4th XI Captsin K Anderson Vice Captain J Holding

Cricket Committee

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Captain I XI, Captain II XI, Captain III XI H. Carr, C. Smith, D.N. Coulson Cricket Committee meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month

Cricket Selection Committee

J. T Hope, H. Carr, I. Linsley

Welfare Officers

I. Linsley

Burnmoor Cricket Juniors

Chairman J. T Hope
Vice Chairman C. Smith
Secretary/Treasurer I. Linsley
Welfare Officer I. Linsley
Committee M. Blunt, S. Cummings, T. Garrett, K. Cuthbert, D Embleton

Junior Team Managers

Under 18's I Linsley
Under 15's M Jefferson
Under 13's D Embleton
Under 11's I Linsley

Lawn Tennis

Secretary Y Forster 0191 410 7325
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