Club Officials

Patron Lord Lambton
President T.W. Winship
Life Members
W. Oxenham
J. T. Hope
H. J. Carr
J. G. Glendinning
J.T. Hope
J.G. Glendinning
I. Linsley
D. Lewins
Chairman J.G. Glendinning
Vice Chairman I. Linsley
General Secretary I Miller T: 07985 671720
Asst. General Secretary R. Hindson
Treasurer D Coulson
Treasurer J. Robson

Management Commitee

President Chairman Vice Chairman General Secretary Asst. Gen. Secretary Teasurer Asst. Teasurer + 4 Trustees Trustees Cricket Section Rep. Football Section Rep. Lawn Tennis Section Rep.

Cricket Secretary & Treasurer

Ian Linsley 55 Castlefields, Burnmoor T. 385 4529 [H] 07808 142072 [M] E:

Cricket Chairman

J.T. Hope 1 Byland Close, Houghton-le-Spring, T. 0191 5844047

Cricket Fixture Secretary

I. Linsley T: 07808142072


1st XI Captain A.J. Linsley Vice Captain P. Craig
2nd XI Captain G. Lancaster Vice Captain S. Forster
3rd XI Captain J. Blackburn Vice Captain P. Nathan
4th XI Captsin K. Anderson Vice Captain J. Anderson

Cricket Committee

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Captain I XI, Captain II XI, Captain III XI H. Carr, C. Smith, D.N. Coulson Cricket Committee meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month

Cricket Selection Committee

J. T Hope, H. Carr, I. Linsley

Welfare Officers

C. Batey I. Linsley

Burnmoor Cricket Jumiors

Chairman J. T. Hope
Vice Chairman C. Smith
Secretary/Treasurer I. Linsley
Welfare Officers C. Batey I. Linsley
Committee S. Cummings, M. Blunt, T. Garrett, K. Cuthbert, D. Embleton, M. Duffy, C. Duffy

Junior Team Managers

Under 18's M. Jefferson
Under 15's I. Linsley
Under 13's R. Blunt
Under 11's R. Blunt

Lawn Tennis

Secretary Y. Forster 0191 410 7325
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